The Cheetah and The Snail

This is a story that 1G wrote based on the Hare and the Tortise Story. We hope you like it!

The Cheetah and the Snail

There once was a cheetah and a snail. The cheetah thought he could win a race easily against the snail. The snail challenged the cheetah to a race.

The day of the race finally arrived. The cheetah and the snail lined up side by side on the starting line. The cheetah ran off so fast way ahead of the snail. He got halfway through the race and decided to cool off at the river. As he was swimming he got stuck in the mud right in the middle of the river!

Meanwhile the snail kept on sliding along in the race. He won the race.

The cheetah said sorry to the snail and I will never be mean to you again.

The End

Welcome to Term 3!

Hi everyone I hope you all had a fun break.

Term 3 is off to an exciting start. 1G have some special visitors living in our classroom – MEALWORMS- we are keeping them warm and feeding them our leftovers, they are growing bigger and bigger. At the moment they are in the Larva stage, soon they will turn to Pupas then Beetles. Stayed tuned to our blog for lots of exciting pictures and information to come.

Sound is Vibration

Today in Science 1G discovered that all sound is vibrations of molecules in the air that reach our ears. We did an experiment with rubber bands and made sounds using them.  Mrs Gillett brought in a guitar and 1G had a turn of plucking the strings. Here are some photos of our learning today.